So what is it like to visit Albania with Hope for the World? Cherie Mullins describes it here...


Hope for the World...Purpose statement

"Helping others prepare eternally by using every biblical opportunity to evangelize, disciple and equip others thus providing Hope for the World ."

We Serve God...By Serving Others

Jesus Christ is coming again!  Sharing the wonderful story of Jesus and His gift of hope is not an option for us.  We exist to further world evangelization and to serve as a channel of God's love to the world's unreached people.

Our Challenge

Of the 361 children, 25% are orphans, most of whom are babies because it is common in Albania for mothers to abandon their children if they are born out of wedlock. The remaining 75% come from varying backgrounds. some children were abandoned due to divorce. In Albania, if a divorced woman remarries, her second husband can refuse to take care of the children from her first marriage.

Many children are at the orphanage after losing a relative or because both parents that prostituted them in neighboring Greece. Others come from families who are living in extreme poverty and cannot afford to care for them. Many children lost their mother at childbirth.

Hope for the World Albania seeks to bring stability into the lives of these children in addition to encouraging and counseling them, as well as caring for their physical needs


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